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Founded in 2021

Portsmouth Independents Party is a transformative local Political group that started in 2021. We embrace a strategy of empowering the community from the ground up, facilitating leadership opportunities and advocating for changes with a real impact for local people. Absolutely no national agenda, just purely focused on prioritising Portsmouth.

What started as a local campaign for Paulsgrove with our first elected candidate, Cllr George Madgwick, we quickly grew to encompass members from outside Paulsgrove & across the Portsmouth area. Together with our allies and partners, Portsmouth Independents Party engages and mobilizes activists and leaders from all backgrounds and walks of life with one sole aim. To focus purely on Portsmouth and our cities interests. 


Get in touch to learn more about our mission and join our party today to support us and perhaps stand as a candidate in a future local election.

We will launch a full manifesto including our ambitions for our amazing city in due course

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